Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try a class before I register?

YES!  MPDC offers a one-time free trial class to anyone interested in registering. If you are interested in trying a class before registration, email us and we’ll help figure out a time that works. All class trials must be scheduled in advance.

How do I know which class to register for?

The best way to choose the right class for your child would be to talk with a MPDC staff member directly or email us to discuss your child’s interests and experience! In order to ensure the best possible dance education for our students, final placement for all classes will be determined by MPDC staff.

How do I register for classes?

Visit our registration page to get signed up!

Can I register mid-term?

Registering/starting class at the beginning of the term ensures that your child’s dance training follows the curriculum designed for his/her class. In some cases, late registration is an option, though dancers registering late may be required to take private lessons in order to catch them up to the current level of the class they are joining.

Can parents observe class?

Yes, we have viewing windows for parents to observe from the lobby. In order to keep our dancers’ focus on their teachers and dance instruction, parents are not allowed in the studios when class is in session. Throughout the year, we hold special weeks when dancers’ families are invited into the studio to observe class.

What if I need to miss a class? 

A missed class may be made up by attending any other class during the same session, provided there is an appropriate class available with space for an additional student.  Please email the office to inquire about a make-up class.

Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, the studio will send out an email with closing information. 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions!